Geospector DTS is a compact laser scanning system and has been developed for fast and efficient acquisition of terrains and elevation models. The system defines new benchmarks for the use of drones in surveying:

3D-terrain coordinates in real-time

during the flight onto your mobile device or via cloud directly into the office

Accuracy up to 3 cm

in position and altitude (WGS84 or grid)

No reference points necessary

Light-weightest drone-scanner worldwide

mapper 350 g, GNSSantennas 200 g, MTOW < 4 kg easily attainable

Up to 10.000 measurements per second

scan angle 360° , uniform surfaces (sand, snow, etc.) well capturable

Suitable for most drones on the market

Specification Geospector DTS

Example: Volume determination of piles

Example: Surveying forestry

Overview of all applications

Geospector DTS actually is available as service, system sales is starting in spring 2020.
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