Geospector DTS – Applications

Volume Determination in Real-time

see our detailed report:

Volume Determination of Piles 

Storage area for wood (two hectares)
Photogrammetry – Geospector DTS
Volume changes during 24 hours

Surveying forestry

see our detailed report:

Surveying forestry 

Penetration of dense foliation:
Original point cloud
Classified point cloud (vegetation / ground)
Elevation model (DEM)
Hillside with trees (three hectares), flight duration 20 minutes
Embedded DEM in GIS system
Relative heights of trees from ground

Surveying of Stretched Dam Construction

Accquisition of Isar dam near Pullach / Munich with light-weighted UAV (below 5 kg)

Flight time 3.5 minutes, 650 meter length

Surveillance of Railway Ramp Area (Stationary Scan)

The lasermapper has been mounted onto a pole with 15 meters height aside a railway ramp area.
Every 15 minutes an area-scan with 180.000 points has been performed (duration 3 minutes)

The excerpt along a street shows changing allocation of parking lots:

Point cloud reference measurement (without cars)

Point cloud with two cars

Volume model compared to reference

Point cloud with three cars

Volume model compared to reference