Lasermapper DTS – Direct Terrain Scan

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Ultra-light lasermapper (650 g)

Revolutionizing UAV surveying!

Precise and efficient accquisition of
digital elevation models.

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classical traverse scan

precise nadir scan

stationary area scan

Flexible scan pattern and operating modes

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1.000 measurements / second
real-time processing

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Centimeter accuracy
without ground control points

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Direct georeferencing
WGS84 and grids

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Control and data with mobile devices
Apps for field-analysis

3.5 minutes scan time
650 meters length
180.000 points



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Weight 650 grams
Perfect for UAV


  • Total weight including scanner, IMU, processing, GSM, GPS antenna
  • Perfect fit for small and light UAVs.
  • Adhere to actual and future weight limitations easily and still realize long flight durations.


Centimeter accuracy
in position and height


  • Dual-frequency-RTK-GPS
  • Inertial measurement unit (IMU) with high precision
  • Depending on operating modes accuracy up to one centimeter.

No ground reference
points neccessary


  • Direct georeferencing, no GCP used.
  • Minimizing consts and efforts
  • Operation in dangerous and difficultly accessible areas.

Real-time data
without postprocessing


  • Direct real-time processing with 1.000 measurements / second
  • No post-processing neccessary

in WGS84 or grids


  • Native 3D co-ordinates in WGS84
  • Grid-transformation into all common co-ordinate systems.

Control and data
via mobile devices


  • Control, configuration and data visualization via web application and GSM (mobile network)
  • Easy and handy.


Applications for
field analysis


Data can be analyzed directly after the flight on-site with web applications.
Actually these applications are planned:

  • volume determination
  • profile comparison
  • tracking data


Direct upload of data
into cloud server


  • Scan data is transmitted in real-time to cloud server
  • Data is directly accessible from office


Low power consumption,
supplied by UAV


  • Voltage range 15 – 36 volts
  • Low power consumption: 2 watts (standyby) up to 12 watt (scanning)
  • Direct supply via UAV flight batteries.



Flexible scan pattern
und operating modes


  • Depending on application, several scan pattern and operating modes are available
  • No restriction to classical traverse scan like other products
  • Flexible configuration depending on desired accuracy and accquisition time
  • Allows stationary mounting on buildings and poles.

Hourly output up to
50 hectares or 12 kilometers



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Example applications see here